Skill Groups

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For purposes of advancement and training, we have established different "Skill Groups" described below.

First Year Scouts
Those who have recently crossed‑over or joined the Troop. They work with the Troop Guides during Troop meetings and campouts. Camping is very important to advancement! Our goal is to have them become a First Class Scout by the end of the following Scout year (Court of Honor in June).
Transitional Scouts
Those who are beyond the first year but are not yet First Class. These boys are assigned an older Scout that works with them one‑on‑one. We want to get these guys to First Class as soon as possible.
Experienced Scouts
Those who have obtained the rank of First Class. They will work with the Troop Instructors to further their Scout skills.
Venture Crew
Those boys who turn 15 during the Scout year and hold the rank of Star. They do things outside the normal Troop activities. Usually outdoor and more adventurous, such as mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing, etc. They usually meet at 6:00 on the first Tuesday of the month, although additional meetings may be necessary.