Campouts - What To Expect

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Troop 99 prides itself in its outdoor activities. Our slogan is that we put the out in Scouting. That is because we camp year-round in tents as opposed to indoor camping. The one exception is the December campout where we fix a holiday feast for all to enjoy.

  • Money is usually due two weeks before the campout.
  • Currently normal campouts are $15.00 to cover food and travel. Money MUST be paid in cash to facilitate the Grub Master’s job of hopping for the Patrol. The Troop Committee covers camp fees. District, Council and special events usually have additional cost. If your son wants to go camping he must turn his money in at this time, if not he cannot go without the Patrol Adviser's approval.
  • Grub Master: All boys are to share in this duty. If your son is appointed Grub Master you are only to assist him. If for some reason your son seems to be the Grub Master often, please talk to the Patrol Advisor. Please try to guide your son in his purchases to keep within his budget.
  • Normal time to meet at the church on Friday night is 6:00 PM with return time at 1:00 PM Sunday. Because of morning services at the hurch we cannot return before 1:00 PM. Patrol Leaders, Quartermasters and Grub Masters are expected to arrive 15 minutes earlier on Friday nights. Exceptions to these times are when we have more than 100 miles to travel. If that is the case we usually meet at 5-5:30 and return between 2 & 5:00 Sunday. Many times, in this instance, money for a lunch stop will be necessary.
  • Permission slips are necessary for all campouts and various activities. We have copies in our equipment closet or you may download one from our web site. It is important that a new one be filled out each time and for each son. Emergency numbers are very important as well as medication information. Medication should be turn into the appointed leader and be well marked.
  • Campouts are where we hold Scoutmaster conferences. Campouts are also where there is the most opportunity for boys to complete rank requirements and are therefore critical for advancement.