Scouting Acronyms

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You’ll notice a number of these being thrown round. Some of the more common ones are:

SPL - Senior Patrol Leader. He is the top boyleader and makes a lot of the decisions about how the Troop operates. This is an elected position.

ASPL - Assistant Senior Patrol Leader. This position is usually held by 3 or 4 older scouts and is appointed by the SPL.

PL - Patrol Leader (elected by his Patrol). He is in charge of one of the four groups of boys called the "Patrol".

ASM - Assistant Scout Master. He is over 18 and assists in the overall operation of the Troop. They wear many hats and are there to make sure that the various aspects of the programs are operating properly. They meet monthly with the Scoutmaster to discuss issues from program items to the individual boy.

PLC - Patrol Leader Council. A group of boy leaders that meet monthly to plan the upcoming month’s meetings, campout and other activities. They also deal will any other issues concerning the smooth operation of the Troop.

JLT - Junior Leader Training. This is usually a planned day or two outing where the boy leaders come together to be trained, by the adult leaders, in their current position. It is also an opportunity to develop teamwork and get to know each other better.

OA - Order of the Arrow. This is considered the "Honor Roll" of Scouting. It is a service organization into which a boy is elected.