Webelos East Greenville PA

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Dates: Friday Nov 21 201 5:45pm to Sunday Nov 23 2014 1:00pm
Activities: Adirondack lean-to’s, Scout skills, activity groups, troop dinner , campfire , cabin for Webelos & Parents
Advancement opportunities: many Tenderfoot to First Class rank requirements are available every campout, consult your Scout Handbook and plan with Patrol leader what you can learn, do or demonstrate.

Location: East Greenville PA, this is an established Camp by a troop who was the ‘sister crew ” of TR99’s June 2010 Philmont crew. This is about a 1.5 hour drive from the Church of the Covenant on Duncan Road Bellefonte DE assuming moderate traffic.
Cooking/Food : Cooking by Patrol except for all-troop Dinner Saturday night by ‘Dults patrol . Webelos and parents eat with ‘Dults for Saturday lunch and dinner

Packing: WINTER CAMPOUT – Don’t be cold! . Extra Socks, complete change of dry clothes before in sleeping bag. Listen at Troop meetings, patrol planning, skills groups, and consult your scout handbook
Special preparations: Skill teams collect materials