Klondike Derby Jan 19-21 2019 Packing lists

We are looking forward to lots of fun activities at this weekend's Klondike campout. In order for our patrols to compete at the various events it is important that EVERY scout come prepared with the following items:

Backpack - this should be something substantial like a school backpack not a drawstring backpack.
Boots - scouts MUST have boots on to participate. A 2nd pair of camp shoes is recommended too.
One can of soup - chicken or beef based (not broth, something like chicken and rice or beef and barley)
Scout book
TWO full one-liter water bottles. Two standard plastic water bottles is not enough
Personal first aid kit (see the scout book for contents)
Mess kit (bowl, utensils and cup)
One pair of dry socks (they should have many of these but one needs to be in their backpack)
Rain gear (emergency poncho is fine)
Flashlight or head lamp
Pocket knife (if they have their Totin' Chip)

If any scouts have an issue with their gear they should reach out to their patrol leader. Otherwise we look forward to seeing all the campers on Friday.